What We Do

First Prestige is an innovative global investor with focuses in the Pacific Rim and Europe.

Corporate Finance

We seek to maximize shareholder value while considering applicable laws, tax strategies, and the overall capitalization structure.  It is critical to address short-term and long-term financial modeling  in order to make the right capital investment decisions.  Finding the right balance of debt and equity will not only strengthen balance sheets but provide security in all parts of the business cycle.

Asset Backed Lending

By utilizing shares of publicly traded companies throughout the Pacific Rim and Europe as collateral, we provide customized lending solutions for public companies and its' shareholders. Every transaction is customized to meet the specific needs of each borrower.  Financing often results in below market interest rates and increased leverage. We provide various recourse and non recourse loan structures to our corporate clients including share mortgages, pledges, and lines of credit.

Proprietary Trading

Our proprietary trading desk is active in multiple markets including currencies, equities, and derivatives. Using a variety of strategies we look for price discrepancies resulting in market neutral profits.

Institutional Investments

Working with our various investment banking relationships, we strategically invest in both private and public debt and equity structures. We target high growth companies with valuations raging from HK$500 million to HK$5 Billion, with a typical investment size of HK$15 million.


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